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Ferryl Anticorrosive Grease is an excellent solution to protect your vessel from corrosion. Ferryl specifically designed to prevent rust and deterioration on metal surfaces that are exposed to saltwater and harsh marine environments. The grease creates a barrier between the metal and the environment, preventing corrosion from occurring. It also provides excellent lubrication properties that help to protect moving parts and reduce wear and tear. Ferryl Anticorrosive Grease is easy to apply and adheres well to metal surfaces, providing long-lasting protection against corrosion. Ferryl is an essential product for anyone who owns a vessel and wants to keep it in top condition. With Ferryl Anticorrosive Grease, you can trust that your vessel will remain protected from the damaging effects of corrosion.

About Us

PT Intilube Sukses Abadi is authorized Ferryl distributor, lubricant, chemical & marine trading company based in Indonesia. 

We provide a wide range of products in marine sector and we are proud to deliver all the best and proven quality of products including lubricant, "ferryl" anticorrosive grease, marine chemical, vessel engine parts and vessel running stores.

We are a team of professionals who really understand what our customer needs in marine industry and trying to fulfil those requirements in appropriate span of time with a reasonable price & best service across all the ports in Indonesia as well as international ports.

Ferryl grease lube lubricant shell mobil
Ferryl grease lube lubricant shell mobil


We provide a wide range of products in marine sector and we are proud to deliver all the best and proven quality of products including "ferryl" anticorrosive grease, major brand lubricant, chemical, vessel engine parts and vessel running stores


Our Special Products

Optimal Function

Ferryl develops every product with the marine environment in mind. Vessels at sea face unique issues caused by temperature fluctuation, exposure and corrosion. Only products that are specially tailored for this environment can optimally solve these issues. A further specialisation in niche deck applications makes Ferryl's range unique.


Specialisation results in products that function at a higher level and are superior to generic products on the market. With unique properties that are absent from generic products, Ferryl products ensure optimal function of equipment and in turn of the vessel.

Global Supply

For over 55 years the Ferryl supply network has been continually expanding to meet customers' needs. A long history with the world's leading ship suppliers and agents, as well as established own stocks, means that Ferryl products are globally available in major ports worldwide.

Cost Effectiveness

Ferryl products are optimally cost-effective, in a market flooded with so-called "cheap" alternatives. Quality products that are specially designed for their applications means that every product lasts longer and performs better. Reduced re-application needs results in less product being used and less man-hours being spent applying it. Optimal efficiency means less damage to equipment, fewer repairs and a reduction in spills, accidents and machinery downtime

Safety & Environment

Safety at sea is a priority for shipping companies, be it the health and safety of crew, the safe running of vessels and equipment or the protection of the marine environment. Ferryl develops products that are safe to use, protect equipment, reduce hazards and minimise waste and pollution. Ferryl strive as much as possible towards minimising environmental impact through use of safe, renewable, non-toxic and biodegradable raw materials.

Customer Care

Ferryl offer consistent, courteous and efficient customer service - whether a customer needs just one drum or a whole container. Ferryl respond to all enquiries in a timely fashion and accommodate individual needs whenever possible.

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